We are LOTUS ✨

Basically we are a team of friends who really love outstanding creativity. Unfortunately reality is a lil’ boring, so we started doing computer generated imagery (CGI) to make our surreal dreams come true-ish. 

CGI gives us the opportunity to build up anything what’s in our mind - whenever we want and wherever we want.

Keeping it real with creating digital worlds since our founding in 2019 by Alex Podolskij and Marc Kemper. Growing up in Dortmund made us what we are - A little weird, but quite sexy 3D designers.

We believe in trust and appreciation on both sides. So let’s just talk like the digital humans we actually are.

If you’re a fan of fancy 3D designs with a lil’ artsy vibe made in Germany - We dem Boyz!

Marc Kemper
Alex Podolskij
Benedict Schwarzer